Masternodes Ecosystem

A decentralized system of masternodes contribute on securing Kalkulus network rewarding stakers with regular and balanced payouts through the SeeSaw Rewards Mechanism.

Privacy with fast transactions

Obfuscation protocol ensure an additional level of privacy and anonymity on your transactions thanks to a coin mixing system decentralized through masternodes network. With SwifTX as integrated solution, KLKS guarantee high-speed transactions also with zero-confirmations, in a secure and stable P2P digital network.

Staking wallet

With new staking functionality, you will get rewarded simply for holding KLKS inside your client with newly minted coins for helping the network to be more fast and secure.

About us

What is Kalkulus

Kalkulus is a decentralized digital asset that offers blockchain based solutions
enabling instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Kalkulus just entered the second stage oF his life-cycle and want to represent as a long-term project for investors, traders or just cryptocurrency lovers. Leveraging an open source and peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks, Kalkulus is a solid community-centric project and provides anonymous and fast transactions in a stable and well designed economic model.

Kalkulus offers a long-term and perfectly balanced passive income for stakers and masternodes holders that contribute to maintaining the KLKS blockchain keeping it a fast, stable and secured network.

Easy to use

The set of tools already developed plus the future implementations already planned like KLKS Staking Box and mobile wallet apps, allow to everyone to check balance, stake coins, run masternodes, send and receive payments very easily without needing advanced technical skills.

Deflationary asset with low supply

With a total supply of 20 million coins distributed through proof-of-stake, KLKS block rewards and coin emission scheme are designed in order to reduce inflation and preserve investors from coin market flood.

Governance budgeting system

An advanced governance budgeting system based on consensus will allow you to submit and vote on proposals through blockchain, favoring decisions on how to allocate budgets for development.

About us




The complete set of clients for staking and controlling masternodes from your desktop computer is now available for any operating system.