The steps below suppose that you have already downloaded the KLKS Wallet to your personal computer and have the necessary collateral to run a masternode (20,000 KLKS). You can buy the collateral needed on  Cryptobridge.

  • On the wallet click on ‘Tools’->‘Debug Console
  • Enter the command: masternode genkey and copy the output to a text file
  • Enter the command: getnewaddress  and copy the output to the text file
  • Copy the output to a text file
  • Send the amount needed for masternodes collateral of 20.000 KLKS to the address that you just generated.
  • Copy the Transaction ID (TXid)
  • Wait at least 20 confirmations (if you attempt to start your masternode before you get 20 confirmations, your masternode won’t work and you have to restart procedure)

Now you need the Transaction Out (TXout), this gets the proof of your masternode collateral transaction.

  • Open the Consolle Debug and enter the command: masternode outputs
  • Check that transaction is the same as previous step and copy the result of Outputidx in your .txt file

Proceed now to Masternode Installation