Primary Functions

Masternodes have the primary function to decentralize the network supporting it on provide faster and anonymous transactions. Masternodes holders are remunerate for this contribution with multiple daily payouts, receiving a stable passive income that will grow overtime with the value of the coin. Due of their increased capabilities and rewards, masternodes require an investment in order to run. You need to lock 20.000 KLKS in your desktop wallet to run a Kalkulus masternode, that way you always have total control of your funds, and you are free to run masternode until you find it profitable.

Adoption of masternodes allow to offer complete and unique functions in a ways that ordinary nodes can’t do, while keeping the network secured and decentralized:

  • SwifTX – Allow to receive transactions also with zero-confirmations
  • Obfuscation protocol – Enable a coin mixing service that mix and anonymize a part of coins
  • Decentralized Governance – Budgeting system that support blockchain development

Rewards Distribution Specs

Masternode holders are rewarded with regular and balanced payouts. The coin emission scheme is balanced in order to reduce inflation and prevent a drop of value due to hyperinflation.

See-Saw Mechanism

This system, already adopted in other blockchains, allow to dynamically adjusts block reward allocation ratio between masternodes and stakers ensuring sustainable payouts.


Automatic deployment through The Hub

The faster option to run a Kalkulus masternode is through The Hub, our proprietary set of web-tools that require minimun technical skills thanks to the easy deployment process, using Kalkulus as payment method for maintaining your nodes.

In order to run one or more masternodes through “The Hub”, you need a desktop wallet to control it and the required collateral of 20.0000 KLKS for each masternode.

Maintaining a masternode through “The Hub” require that collateral never leave your wallet, leaving users in total control of all their funds. You only need enough balance inside “The Hub”webwallet to keep your servers running.


20.000 KLKS / Masternode

Kalkulus Official Wallet

Manual Installation

If you want to proceed for a manual installation please note thats the process require technical skills, a VPS with dedicated IP address capable to run 24/7 and time for installation.

Before to procede with the manual installation of you masternode some preparatory operations are required , assuming that you have already a running VPS server.

In order to proceed correctly, follow the three steps below.

Run a VPS

Preliminary Operations

Manual Deployment