Coin emission scheme of Kalkulus is designed in order to avoid hyperinflation, preserving value of the coin over times.
The ratio allocation of block rewards between masternodes and POS is dynamically balanced through the SeeSaw Rewards Mechanism and will change according to different factors, in primis the shares of coins locked in masternodes.
If you want to read more about SeeSaw Rewards Mechanism visit here.

LAUNCH PHASE (will stand until block height 4999)

Block HeightReward AmountTotalNotes
Until block 50 225,000 KLKS X block9 Million CoinsPremine for swap*
Until block 499Empty blocks0Prevent instamine
Until block 4999 (Last POW block)30 KLKS X block134970 KLKSBlock rewards will be allocated with a ratio of 80% miners / 20% masternodes.

MASTERNODES/POS PHASE (activation at block height 5000)

Block HeightReward AmountNote
From 5000 to max coin supply15 KLKS X blockMN/POS dynamic ratio (read below for details)

Below are the expected rewards with different loads of active masternodes at same time.

Block RewardBlocks/dayCoins/dayNumber of MNMN Coins %*MN RewardPOS Reward KLKS X Day X MNMN ROI %
15144021600205 (Parity point)41%50%50%52,6896,15%
“MN Coins %” value is calculated over a circulating supply of 10M KLKS and change in relation with that amount.