In order to allocate rewards distribution more efficiently, Kalkulus adopt a system that dynamically change the ratio between masternodes and staking rewards, preventing centralization of the network from masternode holders. “SeeSaw Reward Mechanism” automatically modifyratio between masternodes and staking rewards, according to the % of coins locked in masternodes. The more coins are locked in masternodes as collateral, the less profitable masternode become (and stake profitability increase).

To illustrate this, and for simplicity we leave out the Governance Budgeting system, when number of active masternode is less or equal to 1% of total circulation, the reward is 90% of the total block reward, and the staking wallet receives 10%. At 10% MasterNode saturation, the MN share is lowered to ~80% and stakers ~20%. At 25% of total circulating coins locked, the ratio ecame 65/35. Equilibrium is reached at ~41.5% MN saturation (circa 187 active MN) , where the block reward is split evenly between MN and stakers. Going over the 41,5% of coins locked on MN, the share for MN start to decrease and happen the opposite.

Preliminary Operations

Before to procede with the installation of you Masternode some preparatory operations are required on the Wallet, assuming that you have already a running VPS.