Get an account on Vultr  and deploy a Cloud Servers

First step is register for an account with Vultr through our ref link (thats help us on maintaining active nodes)

Once you created your account and added a valid payment method you can begin setting up your VPS server:

  • Choose a Server Location (choosing the location closest to you is fine)
  • Under Server Type, select Ubuntu 16.04 x64
  • Select server size, we recommend choosing the $5/mo VPS with 1CPU and 1024MB of memory
  • Skip down to section 7 and set a server Hostname & Label (could be anything you like)
  • Click Deploy Now

Accessing VPS from your personal computer

After downloading PuTTY from it’s official site, open it. Now you will need to enter some information.

  • Enter the IP Address – this is the IP address of your Vultr server. You can find this IP in your Vultr control panel.
  • Port – the default port for SSH is 22. Given that this has not been changed, it should already be correct and you don’t have to change it
  • After entering this information, save it for future login and click “Open” to start the connection

(You will likely get a window saying “PuTTY Security Alert”. Because this is a server you have not connected to before, PuTTY will ask you to confirm this is the server, just click “Yes” because in reality it’s safe in 99% of all cases)

  • PuTTY will now ask you for your username. By default, this is root. Write:
    root  [Enter]
  • You will now be asked for your password. The root password can be found on the “server information” page and is hidden with *******
  • After inputting your password (you will not see nothing when typing) press Enter again. You are now successfully logged into your server

(in Ubuntu console you paste using right click-enter. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V doesn’t work. Selection automatically copies to clipboard also)

Changing your password

For security purposes and for fast acces, it is a good practice to change your password after creating your server. You can do this by executing the following command when logged in as root:

passwd [Enter]

Follow the on-screen instructions and your root password will be reset:

Now that your VPS is up and running you can prepare the system for running a Kalkulus Masternode: